How to Balance Work and Life as a High Performance Family Man

August 18, 2023
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How to Balance Work and Life as a High Performance Family Man

Do men really care about achieving a healthy work-life balance? The truth is they're just as worried about balancing work and family life as women are.

It's not easy to juggle a career, a family, and other responsibilities and maintain a fulfilling life. The stresses of making money and supporting a family can take all your time and leave you too exhausted to spend time with your loved ones or take care of yourself.

The key is finding the right balance between work and other aspects of life. If you're wanting that ideal balance, we can help!

Read on for a guide to maintaining a healthier work-life balance.

The Challenges of Achieving Balance in Life

One of the biggest challenges men face when trying to achieve a more balanced life is the pressure to succeed on the job. Many men feel the need to work long hours and sacrifice a family-focused life in order to succeed.

This can lead to men spending less time with their families and neglecting their health and personal interests. Another challenge in today's workplace is the blurring of boundaries between time on the job and time at home due to technology.

Many men are "on the Job" 24/7, even when they're at home. If you're bringing your work home every day or weekend, you're neglecting your personal life.

A constant feeling of being "on" and not knowing how to be present with your family can lead to strained relationships, excess stress, and little time for relaxation.

The Benefits of a Balanced Life

Achieving more balance in your daily life can reduce your stress level and improve your mental health. It's important to make your personal life and your self-care priorities in your life.

A healthier work-life balance can improve your relationships and strengthen your bonds with your children and loved ones. A greater sense of balance in life leads to more personal fulfilment and satisfaction in life.

Take a look at some tips for setting boundaries between your work and personal life.

Accept There's No Perfect Work-Life Balance

What do you picture when you think about the perfect work-life balance? You may picture someone having a productive workday and then leaving early to rush home and spend equal time with their family.

While this may seem like the ideal balance, it's not always realistic or possible for many men. There is no perfect schedule. Strive for a realistic one that fits your needs instead.

Some days you may have to work late or travel for work. On other days you may be able to spend extra time with your family or pursue an activity you enjoy.

No one can do it all every day. Balance in life is achieved over time.

It's important to remain flexible and constantly assess your time, goals, and priorities. Sometimes you may need to put work on the back burner and focus on your family or kids.

The key is to remain open to adjusting your schedule to meet your professional and personal needs.

Love Your Job

For most men, work is a necessity. It's an expected societal norm, but you don't have to be miserable at your job.

Ideally, your career should be a fulfilling part of your life. It's a way to let your skills shine and support your family. No one loves every aspect of their job, but being unhappy at work isn't healthy for the long term.

Do your best to find a job you enjoy and are passionate about. If it's draining all your energy and you dread getting out of bed in the morning, you're in the wrong place and should make a change.

Having the perfect job or career may not be an option right now, but there's no reason to stay in a toxic environment that's bad for your health and overall happiness.

Prioritise Your Health

Nothing is more important than your health. Without it, you can't be your best in any aspect of your life.

Your physical and mental health should be a top priority. Make sure you're getting the exercise, nutrition, and rest you need to be your best self.

Overworking yourself to the point of exhaustion isn't worth the toll it takes on your health and family life. If you're battling anxiety or depression, reach out for help.

If you're sick, it's okay to take a day off. Prioritising your health will make you a better employee, better parent, and better person.

You don't have to go to extremes. Make some small changes like setting aside time to exercise or go to the gym, make better food choices, and get a better night's sleep.

Take Time to Unplug

If your smartphone or laptop never leaves your side, you are probably missing some special moments in life. Taking the time to escape the outside world from time to time gives your mind a break.

This gives you time to think, see what's going on around you, and take a mental break. It's okay to put a pause on checking emails and text messages.

When you're not focused on technology, you can be a more present parent and a better listener. Taking the time to unplug can lower your stress level and help you feel more energised when it's time to get back to work.

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Make Time for Yourself and Your Family

Your career should matter to you, but it can't be your entire life. You may be great at your job, but the world would keep turning if you left.

Achieving balance in life requires deliberate action. You have to plan for family time. Make special family events a priority.

No matter how hectic your life may be, you're still the one in control. You can determine when you take your child to the park, your partner on a date night, or your family on a vacation.

Don't let your job keep you from all else that matters in your life. Once you become a family man, it takes work to truly maintain a family-focused life.

Set Boundaries

If you're in a leadership position at work, it can be hard to break away from that role and take time for other priorities. You have to set boundaries or your job will take over your life.

Make a point that some things are non-negotiable. Make going to the gym, family dinners, coaching your child's team, or whatever matters to you a priority, and stick to it.

Although your career is important to you, you have to be intentional about achieving a work-life balance. Set some boundaries and carve out time to focus on other areas of your life.

Remember the Little Things

Although birthdays, graduations, and trips to Disneyland may be on the to-do list for achieving a more balanced life, don't forget to be present for the little things too.

Everyday activities and interactions matter. Eating breakfast with your kids, taking them to school, taking a walk around the neighbourhood, or visiting a friend is just as important as the major life events you don't want to miss.

Realistically, you probably can't be there every day for the little things, but you don't have to miss them all. Choose some small things you want to be present for each week and make a point to show up.

Appreciating what you have and enjoying the little things in life are aspects of good mental health and a healthy life balance.

Challenge the Norm

The old days of men being the sole breadwinner and women staying home and raising the children are over. Men and women want more than this and strive to create a more balanced life.

One way to achieve this is through a more flexible work schedule. Many companies today understand that good employees are happy ones.

They offer more flexible work schedules to attract and keep top talent. If you feel trapped in a job with little flexibility or time to pursue other interests, ask what you can do to change things.

If your employer isn't willing to work with you, look for a better opportunity. Whether you are young and single, married with children, or a single parent, you need balance for a healthy life.

Speak up and ask for what you need. A company that values you will be willing to listen. If they're not, you're probably not where you need to be.

Creating an Ideal Balance in Life

Although there is no "ideal balance" that works for everyone, you have to find out what works for you. Your job may be a big part of your life, but it can't be your whole world.

Creating a healthy work-life balance is critical for a fulfilling life. This kind of balance doesn't happen on its own. You must take actionable steps to be more present and make time for what matters most.

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